NEGOTIUM is an independent Scientific Journal committed to the Promotion of Research and the Dissemination of Science, which is evidenced by the encouragement of researchers through the Communication of Science


The main beneficiary of NEGOTIUM is the researcher who publishes his/her work, for which the journal offers wide international visibility


NEGOTIUM is a arbitrated, indexed and electronic journal on Management Sciences with special interest in business creation.


NEGOTIUM is dedicated to the study and understanding of Management Sciences, with emphasis on the problems of company creation and business development. It is published by the Unamuno Foundation, a non-profit educational institution, three times a year in APRIL, JULY, and NOVEMBER


It is published through the page The access to the journal is under the open access and full text system.


NEGOTIUM publishes articles, research, documents, progress reports; rapid communications: technical notes, letters to the Editor, news, bibliography, reviews, essays, interviews and reviews on Management Sciences and related fields such as: Communication, Administration, Information Technologies, Sociology, Psychology.


NEGOTIUM prefers contributions from interdisciplinary teams that provide new insights into management and business development and a focus on new global and local business practices.


NEGOTIUM stimulates research through proportional grants to junior researchers, research teams and special topics.

Año 16, #47
Noviembre 2020

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